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Profusion Cosmetics was established in Southern California nearly 20 years ago with just a handful of makeup products and big ambitions. Our mission has always been to provide affordable cosmetics and on-trend colors catered to a multicultural community. We are proud to say since our humble beginnings, Profusion has become an internationally renowned brand with distribution channels in multiple countries around the world.
Profusion Cosmetics is the go-to for limitless color, style and professional quality palettes designed to inspire creativity among the next generation of makeup pros. We are here to inspire the aspiring artist. We believe in an atmosphere of positivity, creativity, vibrancy and unpretentious attitudes. We encourage everyone to have fun with color, to play as you learn, and to gain confidence and skill at an honest price. We work towards global acceptance for all lovers of cosmetics – regardless of gender, age or skill level.
Profusion Cosmetics is passionate about progression in the beauty industry and is proudly cruelty-free.
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